Complete tooling solution for narrow web flexo press


Print Cylinder:
Rotary technologies print cylinder support wide range of narrow web flexo press regardless it is high end or locally made.

Print Cylinder Shaft :
Rotary Technologies manufactures a range of print cylinder shaft to suit printing presses ranging from most sophisticated CI letter presses to simple design
for flexo presses.

Magnetic Cylinder :
Rotary Technologies utilizes high quality tool steel, High strength permanent magnet and glue with excellent quality and stability to ensure Magnetic cylinders accuracy and long term durability , Magnetic cylinder all type of printing presses including letter presses, flexo, rotary offset and combination printing presses.

Anilox Rollers :
Rotary Technologies anilox roller are precision engraved roller , designed and manufactured to apply exact volume of ink/coating. Compare with traditional
machine engraved chromoe coated Anilox roller ,the Rotary Technologies laser engraved ceramic Anilox rollers have significant advantages of accuracy and durability

Screen Rings :
Rotary Technologies screen rings ( also called screen End Rings/Screen Gears) can be made as per requested machine size and gear size, to suit either
Gallus system or Stroke system. It is made of High quality aluminium alloy precisely turned and internally grinded to ensure roundness within 0.01 mm tolerance.

Other tooling solution:
Flexible Dies/Solid Dies/Anvil Rollers/Removable Sheeter/Adjustable slitter

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