Everything about PUNCHING & CUTTING for flexible packaging materials

Packers manufacturer of Converting machineries specializing in Lid & IML punching machine, Cone sleeve punching machine, Paper cup punching machine, Perforating machine, Sheet cutting machine for flexible packaging industry.

The flexible packaging material producers from all over the world are now producing various lids, labels, in-mould labels and easy open packages for yogurt, cheese, cup noodle, coffee, water, juice, tea, beer, sauce, ice cream, dry milk, detergent, lens blister, medicine, paint, oil and etc. by converting machines made by PACKERS Co., Ltd.

Lid & IML punching machine

Lid & IML punching machine produces automatically various lids and IMLs from printed or unprinted flexible packaging materials. The lids and IMLs produced by these machines are used for container, bottle, cup and etc. of food and drink such as yogurt, milk, cheese, juice, tea, coffee, instant noodle, water, beer and etc.

Lid & IML punching machine can punch not only aluminum foil but also PE, PP, PET and laminates. The punching tool is customized for minimizing the scrap and can be used for a long time.

Lid punching machine can install embossing unit. The embossing unit’s maximum width is 550mm. It consists of 2 steel rollers (male-female structure) and embossing pattern is made according to customer’s needs.

Cone sleeve punching machine

Cone sleeve punching machine produces automatically ice cream cone sleeve or waffle cone sleeve from printed or unprinted paper roll.

Cone sleeve punching machine can punch not only paper but also laminated or coated paper. The punching tool is customized for minimizing the scrap and can be used for a long time.

Core sleeve punching machine can install perforating unit to make perforated line on the cone sleeve.

Perforating machine

Perforating machine makes perforated line on the flexible packaging films so that consumers can open easily the packages for powder products such as coffee, tea, dry milk, medicine and etc. This machine is mechanical perforating structure not laser perforating. So it makes reasonable price and safety operating than laser perforating machines. This machine also can install hole making unit to make holes on flexible packaging materials and slitting unit to cut edge of laminated one.


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