Tau RSC Platform

Advanced Digital Printing and Production Technology

About DURST Tau RSC Platform

Durst Tau RSC Platform is a single-pass UV Inkjet digital press for labels, IML, Lamitubes & packaging segments.

The patented single-pass UV inkjet technology from Durst offers up to eight inkjet colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, key (black), orange, violet, green and white. In addition to standard and highly pigmented inks, the Tau RSC features low-migration and low-odour ink developed specifically for pharma, food and primary packaging printing.

The Tau RSC Platform can be offered with a variety of options. In addition to the two available versions of maximum printing widths of 244 and upto 510 mm, options such as Corona treatment, web cleaning, in-setter, chilled rollers, inerting system(Nitrogen Purging), inspection system and variable data makes this machine an interesting and versatile product. Durst Tau RSC Platform in-line with Omet Xflex accommodates a whole range of conventional printing and finishing options such as Flexo stations for priming and varnishing, unwinder and rewinder with motorized roll lifter, web cleaning, Corona treating, screen printing, cold foiling, rotary die cutting, slitting and many more functions.


Tau 330 RSC E
Evolves Your Business
  • Best in class print quality combined
  • with economic investment
  • 1000 sqm / h production capacity
  • Food & Pharma business suitable
  • Vast material flexibility
  • Speed & Color Upgradable
  • Workflow Software + MIS/ERP
  • Integration for Industry 4.0
Tau 330 RSC
Boosts Your Business
  • The benchmark in print quality, productivity and color space
  • 1500 sqm / h production capacity
  • Expanded applications with HOW + HSW
  • High material flexibility with Chill roller + jumbo winders
  • Workflow Software + MIS/ERP Integration for Industry 4.0
Tau 330/420/510 RSCi
Innovates Your Business
  • Best in class print quality combined with industrial scalability in print width and print speed
  • Up to 3000 sqm / h productivity to target medium & long run print jobs
  • Industrial designed material handling and material curing provide vast application range
  • Workflow Software + MIS/ERP Integration for Industry 4.0

Key features of DURST

  • High-speed productivity machine with 1500 m2/hr and quicker ROI. 
  • The most competitive production costs in the industry making the execution of upwards of 2000 linear meter of labels and packaging jobs with lesser production costs compared to flexo production press
  • handles different types of substrates for multiple labels and packaging applications without primer/pre-coat.
  • Shorter  set up time with limited intervention during production
  • Inculcates industry 4.0 technologies 

Benefits of DURST

  • Consistent Quality
  • High Productivity in the digital segment
  • The most economical production cost in the digital segment which matches the flexo cost 
  • Reliability
  •  Versatility

Print samples

Durst Labels & Speciality packaging solutions are designed & engineered to minimise operator intervention and maximise your throughput with highest quality print. See the samples

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